Got this at the Saks Sale!!!!

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  1. Yay!!! I've been wanting this, I got it in red...

  2. lol!! I had that very same one in red in my hot little hands today. I think its gorgeous! congrats!
  3. that is a hot bag! enjoy!
  4. Cute! Was thinking about $$$$ right now, enjoy!
  5. Great choice! Enjoy
  6. I like it. How much was the medium?
  7. It was $630 and a 10% code making it $567.

    Janice, you didn't buy it???
  8. Did you use the code online? or did they let you use it in the store?
  9. Also redsox24 are you from Boston I am
  10. Hi Colleen, I am from Northeast Connecticut. I bought the bag online and used the code online. Got it today. I love it!!!
  11. wow, redsox & janice, you gals really lucked out w/that gorgeous bag!!!...i was @ "Saks" in nyc today & they were all sold out of all the cool bags :cry:
  12. [​IMG][​IMG]

    I picked these two today. These sales have me losing it.
  13. Ooooooo April you got the clutch I have been wanting but will only get it on sale. Enjoy!! It's a beauty!! The MJ that is...
  14. ^ really was a good deal 40% off...I actually got in the pale blue.
  15. AprilD--I went to Nordies today and was looking at the MJ zippered clutch. The SA came over to me and we started talking about the price and all. She said it was $395 and I said oh a friend of mine got it on sale at Saks. (I was just making conversation cuz I had no intention of buying it, I just bought my new Gucci.) She said oh, well I can see if I can get the sale price for you. Where did she buy it from? I said, I think Saks in New York (April, I have no idea where you bought it). So she called Saks in New York and they told her the green quilted wallet was the only one they had on sale. Oh well. She was so nice and made the effort without me even asking. It's such a beauty and there was a beautiful new MJ bag there that I would have loved to have bought. I don't know much about MJs but the SA said it was a new one.
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