Got them...... but.....

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  1. Got the Ambertinas!! They are beautiful.. but I most say, they are quite difficult to balance on. The curve is not that bad but they are not very stabile.. Actually I'm not sure if I can wear them :0/

    Well..... Have a look - they are fantastic to look at ;0)



  2. congrats :woohoo:
  3. ah one of my UHG! congrats girl!
  4. Oh they are gorgeous! Have some model pics? :graucho:

    With the balance, it might just be practice - I was so wobbly when I first got my Maggies, but after practice and more practice I worked up some muscles, and now they are easy to walk in ;) So that might be a solution.
  5. Super fun!!! Practice makes perfect!
  6. They are beautiful. Do they fit right? If so, maybe try wearing them around the house a bit. Tape the soles just in case you end up deciding to pass them on. These would never be walking shoes exactly. Just to and from the car.
  7. They are beaaautiful! Congratulations!
  8. Oh my gosh they look stunning!
  9. These are gorgeous!!!
    I would suggest wearing them around the house on the rug/carpet and see if you can get used to balancing in them.
  10. Omg! Absolutely stunning TDF!
  11. Yeah, the curvature looks pretty steep... not an easy shoe to wear imo. If you'll be wearing them just for dinners and sitting down events, they're fine, but anything other than this, you'll be really uncomfortable in them after half hour...

    Try them around, if they don't work ditch 'em, otherwise if you like to hoard everything like me, keep them even though you can't wear them :biggrin:
  12. They are gorgeous!
  13. I thought the same when I tried some Exagona in the store.. D:
  14. Beautiful!!
  15. Love the heal and arch on these!! Beautiful!! Congrats