got the pink bag but it's an absolute nightmare :'(

  1. girls i got the baby pink patent east west flap and the seller mentioned there were some little marks and sent me pics. i got the bag today and these marks aren't little - they are huge and really prominent. my friend said he used bright flash when he took the pics so i couldn't see the flaws..

    i asked for a refund.. am i entitled to one? i don't want to have to pay for return postage either... :crybaby:
  2. Good luck to you! I hope that everything works out!!
  3. Goodluck! Can you post how the stain looks like?
  4. Can you post pictures? I would ask for a refund too. The seller should have taken better pictures of the marks.
  5. I just saw your other thread. $300 is a really good price for that bag! Maybe you can try to clean it? Are the marks really bad?
  6. I am sorry to hear that...I am so afraid of Ebaying many terrible stories!

    You should try to ask for the refund and have the buyer pay for the shipping charge since the false information was given before the deal.

  7. 300?? For a pink bag?? I think that's a great deal!:yes:
  8. yea post pics so we can see, and maybe take it to the boutique and see if they can clean it up for you?
  9. What kind of marks are they? Some marks can be removed from patent leather with non-acetone nail polish remover. I have done this successfully with many Louis Vuitton vernis bags. The only thing I have not been able to remove from vernis are pen marks.
  10. agree with the ladies here. but if it really bothers you, it's better to return it (although i think i would try to clean it if possible)... can you post some pictures? hope things work out for you!
  11. Sorry to hear the bad news :sad: Hope you can work it out with the seller.
  12. ok so here are some pics.. and one of me wearing it with a stupid face :lol:

    they aren't very good cuz i only have my camera phone and these are at my bf's flat haha the marks don't look that clear but they are defo much clearer (use your imagination :p)

    umm i did pay US$340 including shipping..which i know is dead cheap but i feel uncomfortable cuz the marks are kinda prominent :sad:

    here's the link of photos he gave to me.. i think u might have to join to see them

    let me know what u guys think.. keep a cheap, rare, cute bag with marks or return and save for something better?
  13. forgot to add that the straps are also a bit dirty and have small pens marks :cry: these aren't patent so maybe the dirt will come off? they're lambskin..

    *sigh* this is too much trouble :sad:
  14. girls update with the situation: seller says i can return it or i can get a US$50 refund to try and send it for cleaning. what do we think?

    a) does it look good on me?
    b) are the marks that bad?
    c) will i forever be disturbed by the marks?
    d) so should i keep it?
  15. I think it is a beautiful handbag and definitely worth trying to clean up. I would keep the bag, take the $50 and drop off the bag at Chanel for cleaning.:tup: