Got The Patchwork Pouchy!!!

  1. Just got back from the store where I got the patchwork pouchy in grey.

    Pics later (sorry wont be great as left digicam in UK)
  2. can't wait to see it!!

    Do you love it?? So lucky it's not released until 1st April in UK

  3. Oh did not realise not released till then back home.

    Yes I love it, my SA kept both back for me to look at but the grey is nicer than the blue IMHO.
  4. oooo good news! I'm waitlisted for the grey speedy when they come out.

  5. Grey is really nice, blue was just like any other denim bag so as I have a blue denim decided on the grey.

    Gonna add pic now but as I said wont be great as got to use my webcam-left camera in my house in UK a few weeks back.
  6. Wow, Congratulations! :woohoo: Can't wait to see the pictures.
  7. Is this the smaller zip top bag with the vachetta strap and the external pocket? I think I saw this one in the store last week, it has a really cute floral lining?
  8. pics as promised - sorry about quality



  9. Yes it is, the lining is sooooooo nice
  10. I saw this in my store last week, congrats!
  11. LOVE IT!!!! Congrats
  12. Cute! And the interior is adorable!
  13. Congrats .. I love the lining too ...did you see any other new things:yes:
  14. congrats!
  15. congrats! the lining is cute!