Got the new signature locket & wristlet today! (pics)...

  1. I went into my Coach store specifically for the new signature locket keychain and ended up with the Tattersall wristlet too. The keychain is larger than I thought (more than an inch in diameter) and is nice and heavy!


    My 4-year old...(couldn't resist!!)...

  2. Very Nice! I love the wristlet!
  3. I have been eyeing the locket since it came out. Did you also see the necklace with the locket. Both are very cute! congrats!
  4. I want that keychain! So cute!:drool:
  5. awww that locket is so cute, i just seen it in my coach store but i just glanced at it and didn't know it was locket. Beautiful congrats.
  6. How adorable!!! And your Coach goodies are pretty cute, too :p
  7. I really want that keychain!! :biggrin:D
  8. i love that keychain. i was gonna get it today because my friend got me the winter ice skating keychain for my 17th bday .. i didn't want to exchange it though because she would get mad lol
  9. Love the locket and the wristlet (and the little boy - I have a just-turned 5-year-old of my own - arent they the best?!) Enjoy your lovely purchases!
  10. Oooh I love the keychain locket. I saw that one in the store and plan on getting it soon. I just bought the Heart Luggage Charm last week and that was bigger than I expected. They have a necklace like that, it's pretty cute.
  11. I love that locket! Very pretty and the wristlet is adorable too!
  12. Congrats! they are both nice, and that handsome fellow looks great too.
  13. That keychain is beautiful, so is your little boy!
  14. Your little boy is even cuter than the locket!!! :lol:
  15. Lovely choices!!!! Your 4yo is cute!!