Got the new Prada Shopper & keyring in Paris

  1. I simply adore this bag

  2. The keyring​



  3. [​IMG]
  4. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Love it!!!! The leather looks awesome....Gotta have a modeling pic for this one..Is it huge?!?!? It looks big..Congrats!!!!! Enjoy her!!!! (Emmy turns green with envy.....)
  5. Gorg bag!!!!!! I love the key chain too!! Any modeling pics!!?? :tup:
  6. I tried it on in Madrid! Unfortunately for me it was far too big, but still soooooooooo incredybly lovely! From the moment I saw the photos of a/w Prada bag collection it was my very favourite! I'm so happy BagAngel, that you bought it. Please take some modeling photos! Great bag!!!!!!!
  7. Love it! It does look big...we need modeling pix, please!
  8. This is a gorgeous bag - leather looks amazing!! Modeling pics please :drool:
  9. I like that alot !! Congrats !!
  10. OMFG! I WANT THAT BAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What is the style number..and if u dont mind..the price..I gotta get it!LOL!
  11. Gorgeous bag, congrats!
  12. Thanks all, will take modelling pics later, jetlagged :roflmfao: Seriously need to unpack & get the washing on, just wanted to share with you. I love this bag so much. the leather is divine & smells like no other leather.
    Got some nice LV items also, shoes, bag & scarf & balenciaga Part Time in black with silver hardware, will post later too tired now.
    Jill the style is BN1556 Glace'calf Shopping colour nero
    Paid 1995 euros
    The bag is also done in the cruise line without the lovely brass hardware on front but with a brass tag, leather is nowhere near as nice very stiff.
    This was the pick of the bunch, even my mum went crazy over it & she is very picky LOL
  13. Congratulations.
  14. Thanks Glamorous :smile:

    Dimensions are 14" wide (excluding pockets) 12.5" high, 6" deep. Brass feet on base

  15. WOW! Speechless meeeeeeeee!