Got the new catalog today...

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  1. Hey there my hands on the newest catalog today. Anyone interested? :graucho:
  2. yes
  3. Of course!
  4. here's the cover... dayna 005.jpg

    ok guys, i get so antsy during the strip teases, and i'm usually too anxious to get to my bag to take pictures of my own strip teases, so this is what i have...catalog reveal!

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  5. :tup: yes :dothewave:
  6. I never get the catalog! I'm signed up for it though :sad:
  7. :woohoo:
  8. LOL! Speaking of catalogs... like everyone in our house shops at Coach, and everytime we bought something new we ALWAYS got a catalog... so we have like literally 9 copies of the last catalog laying around the house... lol

    So... a new one would be good!
  9. Yes please post away! :drool:
  10. here's some more...i'm resizing as i go, so it'll be broken up into a few parts. lemme know if you need style numbers, colors, prices, dimensions, or anything like that!


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  11. :popcorn:

    any more pics :woohoo:
    *** we posted at the same time.

    I am waiting for mine in pink and your pics are making me drool. :drool:
    less than 48 hours and counting...
  12. Please show us some more!!!! What does it says about the pleated ergo hobos? Will it come in patent leather too?
  13. YAY! More Bridgits!!!!
    That black and white photo with the kisslock is TDF!
  14. Yay the pleated totes come in medium and large! Gorgeous! I am soo saving up for one of those!

  15. yay! my pink one should be here on wednesday too!

    just got done resizing, now i need to upload more...