got the new catalog EARLY!

  1. my lovely sa gave me the new catalog that's coming out in 2-3 weeks. :nuts:

    there are some NICE things coming out. the legacy cotton is coming out in this beautiful jade green color along with the denim and chocolate, and they have MULTI-FUNCTION WALLET for only $128, which i am SO getting.

    there are two new patchworks, a brown one and a denim one. i'm not a patchwork fan so i can't say much about it. it will come out in the ergo styles, as well as a wristlet. the denim patchwork ergo hobo has a pocket on the front that looks like a jeans back pocket, so that little feature is kinda cute.

    there are several pairs of cute new slides and sandals coming out, too!

    everything else in the catalog we pretty much have seen or knew about already. ;)
  2. Alright chica!! You have got to take some pictures of that jade stuff, cause I am very curious!! :yes:
  3. Oh yes take piccys! I wanna see!
  4. okay...we are going to need pictures of the catalog...pleeeeaaasssseeee.....:sweatdrop:
  5. YES!!!!! Can you PLEEEEEASE take pictures of the new items in the catalog??? :yes:
  6. Can I ask, does the denim patchwork come in a swingpack? Do they show that? I'm wanting another swingpack for summer and denim would be cute!
  7. Is there a picture of the patent ergos by any chance? More specifically the red one? (We have seen pictures of the black one on here already.)
  8. Patent Ergos....yummy!!!!
  9. i'm at work right now (and on tpf, haha) so i'll take pics when i get home this evening! i know, i'm sorry, this is such a tease! lol.

    i don't see any pics of the patent ergo. BUT, in looking for them, i found some TO DIE FOR canvas wedges with scarf material laced around it. ahh!
  10. Wow!!! I can't wait to see the pictures!! That was a really nice SA that gave the catalog to you!!! What is the release dates for these new things May 1st or do we think things will trickle out the last week of April???? I'm sooo excited!!!
  11. some are may, some are june.
  12. can't wait to see!
  13. I can't wait to see either. I am not a fan of the patchwork but the jade legacy sounds gorgeous and I am excited to see the new footwear.
  14. Lucky!
  15. Show pics when you can :biggrin: