Got the multifunction!

  1. Ok so the Fedex guy shows up at 7:30 this morning!! (yay!!) I was thinking that since it was sig required that i'd get the note on my door and have to pick it up after work.

    I :heart: the bag but one thing that *kind of* irked me was that it had a BABY BAG tag on it -- with a little bear on it.
    If they're changing its name from "diaper bag" to "multifunction tote" they should get rid of the baby bag tag.
    Anyway other than that I love it and will model and post pics tonight
  2. So glad you got your bag!! Can't wait for pics!!***
  3. Congrats, and imo, I would love the baby bear. :heart:
  4. Actually Coach Diaper Bags command top dollar. I would keep all the paperwork in case you decide to sell it later.
  5. I know, but I didn't buy it as a diaper bag. They didn't sell it as a diaper bag and I don't want to carry a "diaper bag". I bought it as a multifunction tote. If one of the functions could be a baby bag, that's fine but I don't really think it should be tagged as such when it's sold as multifunction. The display model in the store did not have the baby tag on it.
    I know I'm reading way way too much into this (my time of the and I'll get over it once I stuff it with my laptop and other goodies I won't ever remember that the baby tag was on it at all..
  6. Online it says that it comes with a changing pad. If it is a baby bag, then they should label it as a baby bag.
  7. can't wait for pics!
  8. I can't wait to see pics!!!!
  9. Yeah I saw that too, but the girl in the store said it was for a laptop .. I know it can be used for multiple purposes... I love it so I shouldn't care :smile:

    Pic's tonight!

    BTW as far as Coach baby bags go.. the make a scribble multifunction (but they call it a diaper bag and not multifunction ).. it's reaaaaly cute -- if i ever did have a baby, I'd get that!)
  10. Which one did you get? I got the Watercolor.
  11. As long as you love it who cares! What color did you get??? I think that I am going to get the large tote in green. I have been on an accessories kick lately and realized that if I return some that I could get a bag with the credit. Do you think that I will get blacklisted for exchanging accessories from 3 different purchases and putting the amount towards the bag?

  12. I got the black one

    And no I don't think you would be blacklisted for returning/exchanging things (unless you do it all the time)..
  13. I cannot wait to see pics and congratulations.
  14. Awesome!
    Can't wait to see pics
  15. That's a nice bag. I saw a similar one in TJ Maxx over the weekend but it had two pockets on the outside and it really did look like a baby bag. I didn't even bother looking at the price.