Got the last one and I think I'm done buying LVs for the year **Instant Reveal**

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Congrats!
  2. yummy Pomme! Congrats!
  3. very nice -- congrats!!
  4. She's gorgeous!! Congrats!!
  5. Gorgeous~!!! Congrats~!!
  6. wowsers she's really gorgeous.
    Very unique
  7. Super cute! I love Pomme :love:

  8. Wow, she's beautiful! I also love the red against the azur in your avatar pic!
  9. Pretty, congrats!
  10. so gorgeous! congrats!
  11. Very nice! Congrats :smile:
  12. I love anything in pomme but that is truely gorgeous! Congrats.
  13. Love the Pomme, enjoy!!
  14. Congrats - and DH certainly knows the way to your heart ! :graucho:
  15. Love it!!! it's a beauty...congrats & enjoy!