Got the last one and I think I'm done buying LVs for the year **Instant Reveal**

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  1. I was supposed to get the pomme Roxbury Drive for my birthday last week but our boutique was out of RDs that time so I went and bought the Alma PM in bleu nuit instead which I absolutely adore :love: But then my SA called the other day and told me that a pomme Roxbury Drive was in their latest shipment and asked me if I still wanted to get it. I couldn't pass on the chance on getting this beauty, which is quite rare over here. My DH also said that I should get it as I might regret not getting it later on (he's such an enabler lol).

    Here she is! :cloud9:



    Can't wait for the vachetta to darken a little bit :smile:
  2. She's sooooo cutee and gorgeous!! =D

    Congrats! ^^;
  3. LOVE it!!! Congrats!
  4. Gorgeous! I have the RD in Amarante and LOVE it! Wish it wasn't being discontinued! It's beautiful in the Pomme!:heart:
  5. Beautiful! I have always coveted this bag...maybe I'll own it one day after the basics are done. Congrats!
  6. So so So Pretty! Congrats
  7. Congrats!
  8. Congrats! It's absolutely stunning!!!
  9. Gorgeous congratz :biggrin:, it seems like u get new bags all the time lol
  10. Very Pretty, congrats!
  11. Love Pomme!!! Congrats on a gorgeous bag!!!
  12. Beautiful! Congrats!
  13. The Roxbury is gorgeous in Pomme! I recently purchased one in amarante and love, love, love it. My SA told me there were rumors it was being discontinued and numbers were dropping but then she said they decided to not discontinue afterall ;). This bag takes on a different character in the different colors offered. I feel like the pomme is fabulously fabulous, the amarante is fabulously chic and the rose florentine is fabulously delicate. Sorry for rambling...LOL! Enjoy her and wear her often!
  14. Congrats! Very cute!
  15. Congrats .. great choice:smile: