Got the discount without the PCE card...

  1. Am just back from the Boutique. There was only the SA and a customer just leaving when I walked in after work. I told the SA there were a few things I wanted if I could also have the PCE discount. She checked with the manager in the back and said I could place an order, leave my credit card info and the order would be placed Friday with the discount. I tried ordering the Legacy shoulder but the computer said there were too few left so I opted for the Legacy zip shoulder in whiskey. Added the matching Legacy French wallet and for fun threw in the Ergo keyfob in pink. Tried to also get the Legacy large cosmetic case but the computer said it couldn't be ordered yet. She wrote it all up with the discount and the manager said the keyfob was already in the back and she would set one aside for me for Friday. Going back Friday to pick up the little beauty. The SA also gave me a perfume sample. Ask for the discount! :yahoo:
  2. Thanks!! I will try it!!
  3. Congrats!
    I will have to try it!
  4. ooh i'll try.

    should i do it when there are no other customers?
  5. Oooh, how lucky for you. Sounds like you picked out some great things!!
  6. this has been brought up many times as a possibility. most sa's will definately appreciate you asking quietly about it.
  7. I did try to pick a time when I thought it might be "slow" so that I could talk to the SA about it sort of privately. I was there around 6:00 and it was definitely slow in the store.
  8. Good for you!!!! I always say it never hurts to ask. You have nothing to lose. The worst thing that can happen is you are told no.
  9. graberg, congrats! I'm gonna give it til Friday... if I don't receive a call OR a card, I'm going to go in-person and see if I can get the discount.

    I don't think I'll be getting a call or a card so...
  10. graberg: I cant wait to see pics of your new things!!!!! congrats on getting that discount!
  11. Last year they gave it to me without having the PCE card, and so now this year I got one from my purchase!
  12. I know a few people that they have giving the discount to that do not have cards....
  13. Didn't have it, and got the discount.
  14. ^^ Dawnya, which Coach boutique do you go to? I'm going to have to start a relationship with a SA over there in Minneapolis if I ever have any hope of receiving PCE cards in the future. (and what'd you get??) LOL!