Got the Chain Pouchette in Brown today!

  1. Thanks to bag.lover's post, I rushed over to my local MJ store (in LA) today to check out the chain pouchettes. My heart was all set on the red or the black - but I walked away with the brown color! IMO it's so gorgeous IRL - the red was a gorgeous shade but, paired with the mixed chains and the gold studs, was just a bit too much for me. The black looked a little too "hard" against the hardware.

    I was surprised to fall in love with the brown :love: since it didn't look great in the photos - in real life it's actually different from the photos - it's a deep, rich reddish brown. I think the brown is actually the color to go best with the hardware, since it matches really well with the copper chain and the gold studs and clasps. The brown shade really richens and mellows out the hardware. The sales associate told me that it was the favorite color among the sales associates, too, and he said that he thinks the brown will develop an even richer patina over time. I can see myself wearing this bag for a long time!

    Oh - my friend also bought the same bag, same color! I got the last one in stock. :yahoo: Also, I saw the Viv, which I think actually looks best in the red color (if anyone's thinking about the Viv style).

    Also, I took the little leather handle-thingy off the top, because I found it to be awkward.


    (please ignore little potbelly here :roflmfao:)

    Once again - THANK YOU BAG.LOVER!! :nuts::nuts:
  2. Oh la la...lovely:love: . Congratz!!!:yahoo:
  3. VERY CUTE!!! CONGRATS!! :yahoo:

    Is it heavy??
  4. Thanks!! No, it's really light (well, compared to the Hudson or E/W Stam I usually carry:p ) b/c it's small. And the leather is soft and crinkly, and it's lined inside with white leather!
  5. Congratulations!! The chains compliment the brown perfectly. Are the chains uncomfortable on the shoulder?
  6. Thanks! Actually, I think the chains are pretty comfy. But if I add on the leather handle, it doesn't rest on the shoulder well and THAT feels uncomfortable.
  7. thanks for sharing the pics, looks great on you :smile:
    i got the black one and it's on the way :smile:
  8. Congrats!!! The brown looks so rich and beautiful, it definitely compliments the chains! I'm glad you got the last one, and you love it! Isn't bag.lover the best?? :yahoo:
  9. WHAT pot belly?? i love the color!
  10. I love that bag - can you tell me where you can get them? There is no marc jacobs store where i live - do you know who else is selling them? Can i ask the price?
  11. They are only sold at the Marc Jacobs Collection stores. The Chain Pouchette is $525 and the Viv is $625. You can call and order one over the phone and they will ship it to you 2-day air for $20. Plus, if there is no MJ store in your state you can avoid paying tax!
  12. so cute!congrats!
  13. love it! anything else "on sale"??
  14. Chain Pouchette (regularly $1350; 11.5 x 7.5 x 2") is $595 & Viv (regularly $1450; 14 x 8.5 x 5") is $625. You can call any of these Marc Jacobs Collections stores to place an order.
    New York, NY: 212-343-1490
    Boston, MA: 617-425-0707
    San Francisco, CA: 415-362-6500
    Los Angeles, CA: 323-653-5100
    Las Vegas, NV: 702-369-2007
    Bal Harbour, FL: 305-864-2626

    Viv and Chain Pouchette belong to Resort 2006's MIX CHAINS line (exclusive to MJ boutiques), they are made in Black, Red, and Brown. They are not featured on the official website so only people who visit the actual boutiques know about them. These bags are made of Kangaroo Leather; the lining is cream leather. According to MJ boutiques, these bags are not on sale -> their prices are just re-adjusted. There's a difference between sale and price adjustment. All sale items are final, they cannot be returned or exchanged; an item whose price gets adjusted can be returned/exchanged.

    You can find pictures of these bags here:
  15. Jujube - congrats & enjoy. =)
    I really like the leather, it's thick and luxurious.