Got the call, it’s here, the Vanity....

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  1. Picked this one up today, what do you guys think? Should I keep? It’s a bit small but it is cute. E2DC409B-EF3E-4019-8C11-81FFA0E01654.jpeg
  2. How adorable! Is it practical/functional for its size? (Probably like Nano Speedy....can hardly fit daily essentials but way too cute to pass up LOL)
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  3. Compare next to the mini nice... D260BB5D-6AB0-44B0-B021-CB12EE93FEBD.jpeg
  4. The back view.. 272206AB-24B9-410A-A591-1B3890BCB5A6.jpeg
  5. Oh my goodness....can’t detect any cons right now......

    It’s a KEEPER:biggrin::heart::flowers:
  6. Could we see the interior? It is precious- I have the mini Nice and am down for the reverse handbag as well. What do you think of ease of opening and convenience? Does it fit your essentials and phone?
  7. It's super cute. Keep it.
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  8. I didn’t order because wasn’t sure how similar it would be to ghetto mini nice. Is it smaller? How much does it fit?
    It’s a beauty and a keeper.
  9. It’s so cute! I have a weakness for tiny bags so I would keep it and find some way to use it....
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  10. I love it! :heart:
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  11. Adorable! Definitely a keeper.
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  12. It is so cute :smile: I love that it’s reverse!
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  13. Definitely keep!!
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  14. I love it!! I wish I didn't have others things that need taking care of because this would be mines in a heartbeat!
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  15. It’s really cute, it has the straps, lock, and clochete, It fits my iPhone 11 Pro, powder, lip stick, lip gloss, and emilie wallet. It will have more room if you use a smaller wallet. Pls. See pic. 72B1E1CB-62AE-42B1-B682-DF35C8BD5DBD.jpeg E469D173-062B-47FC-8BDE-74D8909B957B.jpeg