Got the Call! Got the Coeur!

  1. Well, at least it's in the mail... will post pics... thought I'd get passed over, since I'm not really a high roller:p But, hey! Only 2 MC came in and they called me on 1 ... Can't believe I'm dying for the MC over Vernis, but I love the MC heart, cause it's very unpredictable... Can't wait to get it:yahoo: It's turning into a really good week!:jammin: :jammin:
  2. Woohooo! Congrats! Show pics, please...I don't think I've seen the MC one yet (but I've not been too observant with the board, lately. :sweatdrop:).

    Edit: NVM, I just saw a couple MCs right now...

    CONGRATS again!
  3. Yaaaay! Congrats. The MC one is so cute :heart:
  4. Congrat I got the MC one it is super cute how long before you get it?
  5. Awesomeeee.... congrats! :biggrin:
  6. Congrats on the GREAT news! The MC coeur is just adorable!
  7. Congrats! I didn't think I'd like MC until I saw it IRL. It's a tough choice between vernis and MC.
  8. it will look fab on your brentwood!:drool: :love: congrats! :yahoo:
    can't wait to see what louis thinks of this photo op.....:wlae:
  9. Great news, Vernoika! Congrats!
  10. congrats :yahoo:
  11. congrarts! please post pix when you receive it!
  12. congrats!!! cant wait to see the pixz!!
  13. Congrats!!!!
  14. Congrats!!!
  15. oh congrats! between your graffitti piece and the heart, you really are haveing a good week!