Got the call from LV for my Heart purse and

  1. They put me down for the wrong one!! They had me on the list for the Perle, no way I'm carrying something that light. So she said she'd have the manager put me on the list for the Pomme and I am now #3 :sad: How can you confuse Pomme and Perle!? I'm so disappointed.
  2. The model # was the problem maybe?
  3. aww im so sorry *hugs*. that's so weird, how can you confuse such a highly wanted item thats available in only 3 colors. mistakes are made sure, but....shoudln't be on this. maybe the one who wrote it down was an airhead and the two colors that started with a P confused her, lol.

    i hope you get it!!! if not try for the framboise...the pic of the girls ones who got it here shows how stunning it is! good luck :yes: :heart:
  4. Awww... that't not cool! :sad:
  5. Yeah, I totally forgot about the Framboise one, if they had accidentally put me on the list for that I would have went ahead and gotten it, but Perle!? No way is my dirt prone self gonna carry that around!
  6. Lol I've been afraid of Perle for quite some time and actually just got the Coeur in Perle myself.
    Anyway I'm sorry..I hope you get one! :sad:
  7. That sucks. They should bump you higher on the list for the inconvenience.
  8. aw, sorry for your inconvenience! i hope you get your soon!
  9. *hugs* hope you get yours soon! they should speed it up for you since they did a mistake ;)
  10. UGH! I know people make mistakes but dang, perle for pomme?! ok they both start with P's but what other similarities do they have :rolleyes: . So sorry this happened to you, I hope you get one soon!