Got the call for the 227 Metallic GREEN reissue...

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  1. but sadly it did not come home with me...well my wallet breathed a sigh of relief...

    esp with the upcoming trip to London and all these other things Ive been looking at for Spring/Summer LOL

    back to the metallic green--I guess I found it too similar to the dark silver (in my opinion) maybe it was the lighting at NM but it was just too silvery and "blingy" in the 227 size I guess...I didnt feel like I could pull it off and definitely not in that larger size.
    i wish it had a deeper or richer green tone to it, except I couldnt even see much of the green when I held the bag in different ways

    well--I'm sure it'll go to a very loving home that will appreciate it a lot more than i could...

    just thought id shed some light on that for the girls who hadnt seen it yet...

    I still love the navy metallic the best...:heart:
  2. I agree with you. I thought it was a little on the silvery side also. I had hoped it would be more of a darker green. Very pretty, just not for me.
  3. It looks too similar to the silver to me too Cory.
  4. Hi Cory! :heart: Actually, I have the dark silver from last season (the one that's more bronzey than silvery), and I just received the metallic green 226. :love: Side by side, there was an obvious difference between the two, but I definitely wouldn't keep this bag, my dark silver (which isn't going anywhere haha), AND buy the pewter (this years dark silver). :sweatdrop: I agree that in the 227 it might be too much of a good thing as far as the green reissue goes (plus I want the option of wearing mine with dressier clothing, which I think the 226 is better for). :smile:

    In direct light, you can clearly see the green, but I totally agree that in some lights it's more silvery than anything else (I think the green stitching helps to add a hint of green, but it really is more of a hint than anything obvious haha). I may keep it, but I'm not sure as of yet. :nuts:
  5. I think it's lovely. But also found it too similar to dark silver, which I already have. Unless you get them in really different sizes, I wouldn't get both.
  6. ITA with everyone that the color/tone is similar to the dark silver. sorry you had to pass this one up cory!
  7. I know what you mean - I just got the dark silver and the green and they are very similar - although my daughter keeps telling me otherwise - I thinks she's got her eye on the green one lol
  8. :lol:
  9. I want tro see the green IRL sooo bad.
  10. I agree with you
    For me it would be better in a smaller size.
    For the 227 I'm too in Love with the purple and the navy :love:
  11. Well, this Parisian lady I got in touch with called it "Green Silver," so I assumed it's silver with greenish hue. And I guess that's what it turned out to be!:yes:

    When are you heading to London, Cory? I'm sorta thinking about going there soon myself and urgh... As much as I like that city, you know how everything is expensive over there! I have to choose from either the trip or spring bags... Of course, I'd be the happiest to go and grab a couple bags (and shoes) in London with the benefit of detax but that means I would have starve throughout the trip. Lol~

    Anyhoo, I think you made a good decision.;)