Got the BLoomsbury GM! What Do you think?


just ONE more...
Jun 18, 2008
I just got this bag and I LOVE IT!! :yahoo: It's really well constructed, the zipper on the front pocket is great!
I first ordered the PM, it had wrinkles in the leather and seemed flimsy (I probably just got a bad one). Sadly I sent it back. The GM seems sturdier and perfectly sewn. Only one thing worries me, is it too big? I'm 5' 3". Please give me your opinion. (No, I don't always wear red, just wanted contrast. It blends in better with neutral colors.)


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Nov 22, 2006
Congrats!!! I love this bag!! I have it too in the GM and I'm the same height as you. It's also a perfect bag for traveling!!! The GM looks great on you!!! Keep it!!! I like the zipper also on the front pocket! The PM only has a snap on the front pocket. The only thing that I wish the GM had was a d-ring inside the purse to hang my car key from. Other than that, I love the Bloomsbury GM!!!