Got the best deal on a MJ bag at Bloomies!

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  1. One Wednesday evening - about 3 weeks ago - I was in bloomies and saw a MJ Venetia bag in Ivory ( red stitching) and when I looked at the tag it said SALE $419.00.

    I haven't worn it yet - but I thought I'd post my great find.
    It only had one little dirt spot on the back - not even noticeable.

    Situations like these are bitter sweet - so exciting, yet it makes me keep wanting to "check out" the stores. Gotta stay AWAY !! LOL
  2. What a steal! Congrats. Please post pics so we can see the beautiful bag
  3. Wow...congrats!
  4. Sounds very nice!! You could probably get them to take off another 10% for that dirty mark!! They did that for me for a MJ bag I bought there on sale.
  5. same, just go back tomorrow and sound as if your really debating it becuase of that imperfection. ive had SAs fight over a bag that didnt even cost me 100 dollars, lol which really scared me so i left and then asked to see it again that night from the SA that was yes folks holding it captive so i could buy it from her, but then i ended up taking it to a civilized SA.
  6. Incredible deal for Ivory Venetia, congrats! =)
  7. I have the same problem.. always scoping out for good deals. Congratulations on your venetia, I'm looking forward to the pics!
  8. what a great deal. :nuts: congrats!!!
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