Got the bag, not feeling the love, does it come?

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  1. Dear ladies,

    I need your advice. I got a Hermes B35 bag delivered today I have been hunting for ages. I have been drooling over it in pictures for years, yet as I have it, I am not sure if it is for me. Would you tell me if you ever had the same initial feeling, yet you have started the love the bag over some time? I am kind of undecided about it. It is a classic very sought after color with PHW, but I wish not to disclose the color, if I decide to make a reveal, so I do not want to ruin that. Any comments, experiences on this love issue. Valentine's is coming and I should be filled with love I reckon. Help!
  2. Congrats Aarponen!!:flowers:I have had this happen before. The bag checks off all the needs/wants/ etc on your list, but yet, something is not there. It really does depend on the person, for me, I have to say that those bags have proven to work out for me. For example, I had that same non feeling towards my graphite bolide and now its my most used bag. I think sometimes we need a chance to use a bag, before the violins start to play.:flowers:
  3. Hmmm...maybe its just the fact that the "thrill of the chase" has ended. Sometimes we work up things so much in our minds that when they finally materialize we can't help but feel let down somehow. I pretty much feel that way every time I get a new H bag. I get so excited thinking about all the possibilities.

    Please do a reveal and let us all drool over your new B. That should cheer you up!

  4. Thanks Julide. Maybe I will do just as you say and give it a go. I am not sure how it turns out, as I have another B in my closet unused past 8 months now, somehow it just feels more suitable for someone else. Gosh my husband would kill me for knowing how unsure I feel about this recent one, maybe I should stop the bag hunt for a while, and start doing something about these love is quite not there bags… Thank you for your advice!
  5. You might be absolutely right. I get the kicks out of the hunt, and maybe now that is has ended, I am slightly depressed. Lets see about the reveal, might actually do that! Thanks sweetie!

  6. Whoa!
    Unused B for 8 months?? Sounds like maybe the B really isn't for you. What's holding you back honey? Get that beautiful bag out!
  7. Two bags unused? That maybe a different issue.:thinking:Perhaps the bags do not fill your lifestyle? The leather is not practical? The colour? The bag style itself? Maybe you could elaborate on what you are looking for in a bag, maybe your bags are not on the same list...
  8. I do use two of my Bs non stop - love them to death. Those are the ones I got preloved and with a price it did not make me faint, lol. The last two I have paid top dollars, and I think it might be the factor holding me back, if I ruin them? Maybe it is the guilt factor holding me back...
  9. The previous one I bought as I could not find the one I got now. Now that it has arrived, not sure about that either. Did not want to sell the one unused before today's bag arrived, as I do not want to make decisions I regret later. I feel like an idiot now. Maybe I am having midlife crisis early on and and I have lost the sense of my style, and my mind at the same time. haha.
  10. Your logic makes perfect sense!!:hugs:I did not know the first one was a compromise and this second bag was your ideal. In this case, I know you will be able to come to a decision in due time, just give yourself sometime to think about this. Don't worry, it has been a long hunt for these bags, a little more time to decide which one to keep is nothing!! Best of luck!:flowers:
  11. Sometimes we infuse a much sought after bag with qualities it simply does not possess. Ultimately it's a possession, an acquisition, but never a solution. Love both your bags for what they are. Superb design and craftsmanship that accentuates, but not profoundly impacts your daily life. Best wishes and enjoy your latest purchase.
  12. Hmm what about it is making you have doubts? Is it the colour, leather, size? Sometimes what we imagine is going to be gorgeous doesn't work out in reality and that's okay too.
  13. It is a very classic color, and I am very flamboyant as a person, yet I would not like to have a wardrobe that is as flamboyant. Maybe it does not pop enough, and I need to get use it. Thank you for giving me this insight, gotta investigate with my wardrobe...
  14. Thank you for chiming in. Something just does not do it for me, and I have to figure out what that is. Maybe the size in this color should have been 40 instead of 35, as I am so tall… Lets see how this turns out.
  15. That was a great advice, and I try to live by it, as these are just handbags, yet superb of a kind. Maybe these will grow on me….