Got the Anthracite call from BalNY - Cities are in!

  1. Oh, I'm SO SO nervous! I just want to SCREAMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!

    Terry from BalNY called yesterday to say the Anthracite City I'm on the list for is in!

    I would go down RIGHT THIS MINUTE, but I have two clients this morning. So I will go this afternoon.

    I'm just so worried I'm not going to like the color IRL. I really wanted a dark, dark gray, with murky green undertones. NOT murky green with some gray undertones!

    Since everyone who has provided photos has said it's a color that's hard to capture, I'm hoping, hoping, hoping I can find an Anthracite City that's right for me...I'll be so disappointed if I don't.:sad:

    For my Forum friends, I will look at ALL the Anthracite Cities they have and report back on how the colors/leathers range across the Anthracite spectrum.
  2. good luck!!
  3. :nuts: oh, how exciting...and u get to just go on over as time permits! I am envious! I do hope u find the much-anticipated anthracite color to ur liking and find the perfect one for u! Can u please also let us know how the aquamarine cities look to u compared to the colors posted on this forum???
  4. Yes, I will look at the Aquamarines, too.
  5. Good luck highglossfinish......I hope you find the Anthracite to be everything you could hope for by way of a perfect color.
  6. I can't wait for your report, Highgloss. I need to decide soon whether I want to get anthracite and I really need some insight. I agree that I would rather have a mostly grey bag with a hint of blue or green undertones. Also, any info on the leather variations, such as veins and thickness, would be most welcome. I'm so excited, I can't wait!!
  7. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on Anthracite!
  8. sorry - double post.
  9. Good luck my fingers crossed for you...a n t i c i p a t i n g...
  10. Yea!!! Let us know what you think!! Hope you love it!! :smile:
  11. Cant wait to see what you think!!!
  12. Good luck and I am looking forward to your report:yes:
  13. I hope you find the right anthracite for you:smile: cant wait to find out how the leather is!
  14. Good luck on your search, can't wait to hear your report, I am now in two minds about anthracite myself so would love some more insight. Please let me know if you see any firsts in that colour & what you think. Thanks so much!
  15. Good luck, highgloss! I hope you find just the right one!