Got the Anthony fever...

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  1. After all the tempting pics of beautiful Anthonys, I suddenly feel a desperate need for a black... or choco... I'm checking ebay and try to talk myself out of buying one right away from my regular Mulberry store - that would be a silly thing to do, since they are much more expensive here in Sweden, and I will go to London i May. So, it would be much better to wait...
  2. Hang on until May & get one over here. If you can get to an outlet, even better, as they're £136 there.
  3. I agree with SaraJane, wait until you're in the UK and can get to an outlet.
  4. I got my large Oak Antony for 20% off because it had a slight scratch on the front and it was the last one in the shop.
  5. Great buy, Kerilynn!

    And thanks for the support - must resist, lol!