Got that Botkier Rust Bombay Tote - see post below

  1. I'm on the fence about it. I'm wondering what you ladies think - should I keep it or not? Thanks a lot - I just reposted to get more feedback since the once below :crybaby:no one was saying anything about.

    I seriously thank u for your input!
  2. Hi there, IMHO the Bianca is more so a classic then the Bombay. Bombay reflects the trend of the moment... If you are on the fence, you're not passionate about it, return it and buy something you LOVE :yes:

    BTW, the large Bianca in the Denim color is fabulous :love:
  3. Thanks for your feedback! I appreciate it very much :smile: :smile: You know, you're right about it being more of a trendy bag. I really like the small Bianca - I really do - but I can't stop thinking of the deflated breast implant look -- even though it is more classic..... I'll post to let you know what I decide.
  4. Hehehe :roflmfao: It's not that bad. The Concord is a pretty color too... oh so many bags and so little $$$ :crybaby: