Got sth and WL sth Today :)

  1. Today went to get these two babies::wlae:

    Cles Fleurs Multicolor:nuts:

    SPEEDY 30 in Damier!!! :drool:

    They look good together aren't they????

    Initially I want to buy the "trunk and bag" but I ask my SA to put me on WL for the damier one..:tup: Also WL for the amarante small leather goods and an epi lockit!!! The epi lockit will come in ivory, red and i forgot the other color. Can't wait till I get these :heart:

    They have no idea about the dark purple color for epi.....I want it so bad!!!! As for the Amarante...they don't have the small leather goods yet....but they do have the bags.....
  2. Yes I think they look great together. Congrats! You made some wonderful choices!
  3. yay, love them both, congrats!

    oh man, I love the way the keychain looks on your damier speedy! Now it makes me want to get one to put on my speedy too...oh no! ah the temptation!
  4. Love both of them! That keychain is so fresh and fun, I adore it! Congrats!
  5. Congrats! That is really sweet...
  6. the mc keychain goes really well with your damier! congrats!! :heart: it!!
  7. Love them both -- congrats!
  8. OMG they have the fleurs keychain finally?! I may have to pick it up.
  9. Congratulations on your new LV and keychain!! They look soooo good together! Dang, you make me want to get this keychain!
  10. Congrats! They do look really good together!
  11. I'm in love with your MC keychain. Congrats!
  12. congrats, the keychain looks so cute on the speedy! great choices!
  13. Congrats- the speedy is gorgeous!
  14. great buys, congrats.
  15. Gorgeous, congrats, I need a Damier Speedy I think LOL