Got Squishy Bag

  1. I bought a Squishy Bag in Black today, it is a really pretty and fun bag in person...I was surprised I like it very much. But I'm not sure if I should get a red one, instead of Black. Black is cool, and IMHO, has more staying power. I saw some previous threads about this bag and most of you guys hate this bag, and those who like it, like the red one. Hmmmm.....what to do what to do....I'm def. keeping one of each, though.....:wondering
    IMG_0645.jpg IMG_0646.jpg IMG_0647.jpg
  2. Few more pics
    IMG_0649.jpg IMG_0651.jpg IMG_0653.jpg
  3. very edgy
    cool suits you nice
  4. WOW, it looks great on you!!:flowers:
  5. wow, its much bigger then I have imagined. It looks great on you btw! Congrats.
  6. It's cute, I also like the red colour.:yes:
    Is it a soft vinyl feeling material or is it more like stiff plastic?
  7. I think it looks great! It's one of those bags that once you see someone wearing, looks much better. I like it!
  8. I think it looks great on you,and black bags never go out of style.
  9. cool bag :smile:
  10. what a great much do they retail for? Are they PVC? what is the interior is sooo gorgeous...congrats you must be so happy right love love that bag....
  11. Congrats! Gorgeous! I agree that it is bigger than I thought!
  12. definitely hot! the bag is mad limited
  13. I agree edgy~ Looks fab on you!:flowers:
  14. Congrats on the bag, it's so different but in a good way :nuts: ! I'd say keep the black, it's such a stylish colour and will go with anything!
  15. It still reminds me of a platic shopping bag, but I have to admit, in the pix where you are wearing it, it looks really cool on you! I think the red would be too 1980s.