got speedy... now saleya?

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  1. so i already have the damier speedy 30 but now i want a shoulder bag. i WAS waiting for the neverfull to come out but now im leaning mroe towards the saleya. do you guys think the saleya MM is too similar to the speedy?? my mom thinks its stupid to spend 1000 on something that looks so similar to something i already own..
  2. do you guys think the saleya MM is too similar to the speedy??

    I think they are very different bags. I have 2 Saleya PMs and I love them.
  3. totally different.
  4. Nah. Saleya can be shoulder carried. Speedy only hand carried. They are totally different in shape and size. Maybe you mom meant the prints being similar. Are you willing to venture into bags with vachetta? Try the tivoli or the new galliera ;)
  5. I have a Speedy 30 and Saleya PM. I can fit my Saleya PM on my shoulder with a thin coat or sweater.
  6. Different. Like Crazy Bag had suggested, what about a Galliera and/or the Tivoli? I love both of those.
  7. the saleya has a total different look from the speedy. I do recommend the's a great bag though i don't own one.
  8. I have thought about the very same thing. I came to the conclusion they are quite different and I love it.
  10. Totally different. I have a Saleya and 3 speedy's
  11. They are 2 totally different bags. I have a Speedy 30 & a Saleya PM and I love both of them. I get more "second glances" with my Saleya though ;). Maybe because it's not as common as the classic Speedy.