Got something new + store experience !

  1. So yesterday my mom and I went to the lv-store in Knokke to get her musette salsa heatstamped and to try some bags on.

    I've allready dealed with several SA's and now we had this strategie to get this one SA. She's a really sweet, simple lady. There's also a very chique (but mean-chique!) lady and I think she's the store manager. She can change her expression in a second and she only likes one type off people: "The obviously rich type". This one time I went to get my azur pochette and she had to look for my name in the computer and she asks me 'are you the daughter of mister ********' and her face cleared up and there was a huge smile. I said no and smile was gone!

    Anyway! yesterday we were walking around and when sweet lady was available we ran to her (mission completed!). She was very nice. Said they didn't do heatstamping on sunday but since we only get to that store on sunday she would ask if they could do it. We said it was really nice of her and that we would leave the bags next week if they couldn't get it done.

    I tried on the neverfull MM, the love tote MM and the BV. BV wasn't really my taste. I thought it was going to be square-shaped but it wasn't. Loved the other two bags but decided on the neverfull. I think the love tote is sooo sooo cute but I couldn't justify all that money for a canvas tote... :sad:

    After I made my choice my mom said 'why not get your bag heatstamped too?' so I asked it carefully and she smiled and said she was going to ask it. When she walked up to the man who did the heatstamping angry store manager ran to her and was really mad at her for asking that she said 'we don't do that on sunday!'. There was a discussion that we couldn't hear and sweet lady came back and she even looked a little scared. So we said again: he can try if he has the time but if not, it's not a problem, we will leave the bags and get them next week.

    Later, we did some shopping and went back to the store and he had done it! It looks really good. Will post pictures later but I'm very happy! :yahoo:
  2. That manager sounds meeeeean, glad you got the nice SA in the end, and congrats on the neverfull!!
  3. YAY! Congrats! Can't wait to see pics!

    Sorry for the mean manager....some manners!
  4. arghhhh that is so mean... anyways congrats on your new bag :smile:
  5. Why do they have to be mean? Can't wait to see your pics!

  6. ^^^^

    GIVE ME A BREAK !!!!!! These SAs, managers or not, are here to provide customer service to anyone coming into the store....and to judge someone's net fiancial worth based on appearance is simply stupid.
    Most ultra-rich millionaires wouldn't waste a second going into an LV shop.....they would send someone else to do it for them. I'm annoyed at all the attitude of these salespeople...acting like they are the direct descendants of Patric Louis Vuitton himself......
    Anyway, I'm glad that you were able to have your things printed, but sorry you were subjected to such rudeness........absolutely inexcusable !!!!!!!
  7. cant wait to see pics!
  8. Thanks for all the comments! Here are some pics:

    Excuse the clothes, I have to take my dog and cat to the vet later and they lose a lot of hairs now so I dressed very very casual...

    PICT1383 (Medium).JPG

    PICT1393 (Medium).JPG

    PICT1399 (Medium).JPG

    PICT1402 (Medium).JPG

    PICT1403 (Medium).JPG
  9. PICT1406 (Medium).JPG

    PICT1405 (Medium).JPG

    PICT1404 (Medium).JPG
  10. Congrats!

    Seems like you had fun!
  11. Looks great, congrat's.
  12. congrats!!
  13. Congrats on the new bag!
  14. Congratulations it looks great.
  15. Congrats!! I'm getting sick of some of these managers acting like they're really something special. I had a bad experience at the store I shop at a lot. I'm done....won't be going back there. I'm glad to be taking my business elsewhere!