Got Something From LV Today!!**PICS**

  1. today, I went to the mall (my mom and I go to the mall every Saturday and we stay @ LV for exactly 2 hours, lol)

    So I was looking at the Neverfull, and my mom was making a phonecall to my dad to ask him if my brother was home yet from his friends house.................My mom was outside of LV, while I was with my SA....

    She [Mom] comes back in and I was looking at the other side of the store

    4 minutes later, my mom comes back carrying a big brown bag...........:graucho:

    She [Mom] told me

    "Your father bought this for you as a present"

    OMG, I was so shocked, I practically ran around the store....

    So I present to you, Madame Neverfull!!!


  2. [​IMG]
  3. aww that's so nice of your daddy. congrats!!
  4. Wow it's beautiful. Congrats!
  5. Inside out:

  6. Strings pulled:

  7. Inside:

  8. Congrats, you have a super awesome dad! (Well I do too but I don't get gifts in the form of LV :p)
  9. I love it. Congrats
  10. Congratulations on your purse, your present and your dad. ;)
  11. Ya, I think my dad is starting to get the hang of the fact that I have a shopping problem, and that its def. not gonna get any better as I get

    I :heart: my dad.........................
  12. Awww, your dad is too nice!

    Zoe, I know how long you have craved a new Vuitton, I think this is a sign haha.

    Its my turn for a new one!

    Haha, the new purchase is gorgeous girlie, congrats!


  13. its def. your turn for a new bag!! :graucho::graucho::p
  14. Oh, it looks gorgeous!! Could you please tell me how you like it 'cuz I'm thinking about getting this too!

    In one of your pics, you flipped it inside out. Can you wear it inside out?

    Anyways, it's really nice.
  15. Awww, congrats Couture Girl!