Got some photos of the Giant LV print items launching 3/29

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Should I pre order the speedy 30

  1. Yes

    17 vote(s)
  2. No

    63 vote(s)
  1. Help! I inquired about the new line today! I can’t decide if I should pre order the khaki/green speedy 30 or not. It’s launching on 3/29/19 here in the US. I first hated it when I saw glimpses of it! I was like “yuck, how obnoxious”! Just like those Ralph Lauren polos with the huge logos! Well now I’m stuck and I think I love the color comvo for spring/summer! What do you guys think? Here are some of the products she emailed me today.
    F23475E0-DBEA-4AE1-9C94-F4E4C590E9AE.jpeg 81360278-CD36-4F6B-B7BF-C083E72B5291.jpeg 9B6C8F1F-C2AD-49A5-8F1E-2DE24417D602.jpeg CAA51738-729A-40BE-A225-89FA754C2BF2.jpeg 79A42AF2-13DE-4890-B94D-7446EDBB957E.jpeg
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  2. I like the speedy combo colours in pic above the best, then the never full.
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  3. just purchased the envelope green beige and mini black and white i like that the figures of the monogram are very well defined like the first editions of multicolor.
  4. My wallet is safe, but to each his/her own.
  5. I say save your money for something else. Not a fan
  6. :yucky:
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  7. They are definitely statement pieces, but too flashy for me. I like the color combinations of the white/beige Speedy and the red/pink NF. Still this is something very seasonal and probably "out of style" by next year. But I am no expert ;) .
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  8. I don't like these, but more importantly for OP I wonder how they would hold up and how much of it that pattern is silk screened onto the canvas. You risk that the silk screened parts will weat pretty quickly, even if it's not 100% certain . But if you're only going to wear it a few times as a trendy seasonal item that may not be an issue.
  9. If your first impression was "yuck" then I think you changed your mind due to the hype which means this will probably turn out to be more of an impulse purchase/buyers remorse purchase for you in the future. But at the end of the day it's up to you. I personally think outfit choices are limited with mismatched colored accessories.
  10. I preordered the same Speedy :angel::heart:!!!!! So I voted for yes! In the moment I am the only one who voted yes :blush:
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  11. Ummmm :sick::sick:
  12. I love the look of these but am very wary about the white parts.
    I have the race edition Neverfull and the white part of the print on that one has gradually turned a horrible mottled pink colour. I would worry that the same thing would happen.
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  13. Easy pass for me.
  14. Me personally; Not. Feeling. It

    In your situation, which of these scenarios would be worse for you. Buying it and hating it, reselling for a loss (however you could resell for double?!) not buying it and regretting it (and kicking yourself through every tpf reveal and insta post!)
  15. That’s what I’m afraid of!
    1. The white part will not be so bright and white after a few uses or as it sits in my closet.
    2. If I don’t get it then every time I see it I will regret it.
    3. It’s not like $1910 is a bargain!
    4. Like one poster said it may become outdated really quick.
    5. Then I think about the LV colorful (mukarmi, spelling?) series that came out in the early 2000 I was too young to afford a luxury purse and they never did something that colorful till now!
    6, Is the huge print going to look too trashy?
    7. I can always return it once it comes in. ‍♀️
    LV why couldn’t you of just made this with the smaller print and same color scheme, I wouldn’t be losing sleep over this! Thank you for listening guys! (rant over)