Got some orange fix....

  1. I went to H store today to check out the new bag, Victoria FT 35com. The style and price is great...but it does not work with me. It looks bulky with my petite frame:push:

    something catch my eye....I cant resist, I tried...:p
  2. spill spill!!!:nuts: cant wait
  3. :popcorn:
  4. Show!!
  5. Come on!! It's been an hour!
  6. Lolz Tricia:p

    I need to resize pics...

    :popcorn::drinks: for everyone!
  7. Ok..... on standby....
  8. thanks for standing by

    here it goes....

    Im not good in strip teasing...:p
  9. Next.... *drumroll*
  10. WHAT IS IT!!!!!!!!!! :search:
  11. Ok...thats it for the night....sleep tight everyone and for the other side of the world...have a great day!

    Take care...Luv U all!
  12. Maadone!!!! You Better Come Back Here!!!!!
  13. Scarves!
  14. yeesss! the one Ive been :drool::drool::drool:

    LuvYah Baggs:p btw, congrats for getting your harpie!
  15. Bagdizzy!! Come back here!! Not funny!!