Got some new goodies...

  1. Went to LV Saturday to look at the lockit in nomade which would have been my biggest buy ever but it really did nothing for me :sad: , but I fell in love with this beautiful bag even though I've never gone for damier before :heart: :heart: :heart:
    And of course I had to treat myself to a little bit more...
    Hope you approve :yes:
    RSCN3366.JPG DSCN3377.JPG DSCN3378.JPG
  2. oooh wonderful things@ love the saleya, love the bandeau and love the pastilles!!! congrats!
  3. Niiiiiice :biggrin:
  4. All of it is lovely! I love that bandeau in gray...
  5. you got some great new goodies!
  6. Oooh, love everything! Congrats!
  7. I approve! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Lovely purchases! :smile: congrats!
  9. great haul! i love the pastilles! everytime i see one i want one!!
  10. i love the scarf, congrats on some fantastic choices!! enjoy!

  11. Thank you everyone - glad you approve of everything! I'm really happy with my new stuff :p
  12. Congrats lovely purchases!! I have that pastilles too it's really versatile
  13. Very nice. Lvoe the pastille!
  14. :heart: everything..i have the saleya PM and the's stinky it does not work with this bag's hardware, huh? it would look so pretty.
    but, the scarf will look amazing tied to it too! great haul! congrats!
  15. :drool: Beautiful stuff rental lady! The Saleya is so beautiful! Love the accessories as well - enjoy them and congrats :yes: :heart: