Got some new goodies!

  1. I got me a couple small goodies to tie me over between bag purchases. The Russian in me always wanted an Alphabet Russe scarf. It arrived yesterday. I must say that I am NOT a scarf person but after many many tries and a very helpful Kama Sutra thread (thanks Gina_b!), I finally managed to somewhat make it look nice. I am not quite ready to give you a visual (just yet). Give me a few days!!!:lol:

    I also got a Medor Watch. At first I was a little p*ssed that Canada Post made me pay $90.00 in duty :rant: but as soon as I opened the box, all my angry feelings went out the window. It's so cute and I am wearing it already!

    Well, here are some pics of my new goodies and thank you for letting me share!:flowers:

    watch scarf.jpg watch scarf 1.jpg medor.jpg medor watch 1.jpg Russe scarf.jpg
  3. WOW! That is one stunning watch. It looks hot on you. It really suits you! I am sitting here, scheming on how I can get one as well.... congrats!
  4. Oh yeah, love the scarf as well... great colour.
  5. HI Irene!

    First of all, can I just say I love these posts! It's like virtual window shopping - woohoo!

    Gorgeous watch and I love the scarf. I have the bracelet in turquoise and think it's an absolutely fabulous design.

    Enjoy in the best of health!!!
  6. CONGRATS IRENE! You are looking lovely, as always! :nuts:
  7. oohhh - i want a medor watch too! awesome loot, irene!
  8. they look fab:tup: they compliment each other perfectly.
  9. love the goodies.

    hot belt too !!!
  10. wow, I had no idea that the Medor watch looks that good!
    Congrats on both the watch and the scarf!
  11. Congratulations H_addict, everything is gorgeous!!!
  12. The Medor looks beautiful on you! And the scarf has wonderful contrasts!
  13. LOVE the watch!!! I've always wondered what that looks like on a wrist, lovely! That particular shade of blue is beautiful
  14. The watch is lovely! Really like the Alphabet R!usse
  15. Dear Ms. I:

    Gosh, I LOVE the watch and the scarf!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am NOT a scarf person either, but the vivid color, is making me go hmm...

    This watch is so practical, as it can serves 2 purposes and I haven't take the plunge but now you might start the trend.....