Got some MJ goodies today!

  1. Look what me and my mom brought home today! A Quilted North/West Tote, Quilted Ursula Zip Clutch, and a little cosmetics bag! The tote and the cosmetics bag were 50% off! :yahoo:
    DSC00342.JPG DSC00343.JPG DSC00344.JPG DSC00345.JPG
  2. congratulations on your new purchases and what a deal!
  3. OMG!! :nuts: What fabulous goodies you got! I love that cosmetics bag!! Where did you find such great bargains?
  4. Great finds, congrats! Enjoy! =)
    What color is your cosmetic bag?
    You & Jill are twins now, Jill has this tote too. =)
  5. :yahoo: Congrats! Just absolutely beautiful!!..LOVE the tote..Where did you get these great bargains? :heart: Emmy
  6. So pretty!!
  7. nerdphanie, i really love that tote. i jsut sar it IRL this apst week and it is soooo cute. congrats.
  8. Love everything! What color is the cosmetics bag? I can see that it's red, but does it have a MJ red name? :smile:
  9. Congrats.
  10. Beautiful! congrats and enjoy --> what a haul :yes:
  11. Congratulations! What great deals!!
  12. I love the tote!!
  13. WOW! Congrats!! Where the hell did you find such a good deal? :nuts:
  14. What awesome deals Steph!! I loveee everything you got!
  15. I got these at a boutique in the Koreatown Galleria in L.A. They have pretty good sales. Sounds sketch (with the asian thing and all haha) but they're legit. I fell in love with the striping line there. I don't know the name of the red color for the cosmetics bag...I wish I did.