Got some leopard scarves!

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  1. I got a call, couldn't decide which colors to got them both!
    I really LOVE them!!


    And it's really not similar to the previous season's purple one.....


    And here's my collection

  2. Very nice! Congrats! Amazing picture of your scarf collection! Modeling pics? :graucho:
  3. Great collection! Congrats! I love your thinking...when you can't make a choice...get both! LOL!
  4. loves! I want the new oink one. Gorgeous!
  5. Wow awesome collection!
  6. Very nice! Congrats!
  7. Oooh, nice. Congratulations. I was JUST debating today about picking one up... Let us see some modeling pics!!! That might help me decide.... :smile:
  8. Very nice indeed! I love the pink one!
  9. Congrats and thanks for doing the comparison pics!
  10. Beautiful!!!
  11. When in doubt, get both! Really nice.
  12. love the collection!
  13. Congrats! I love all your leopard scarves!
  14. Thanks!! I didn't want to kick myself I got them both. I like the pink one better, it's a very soft color and gives different look compare to other colored leopard scarves.
  15. Wow, you have a really nice collection!