Got some goodies & Started christmas shopping!!!!!

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  1. Hiya guys!
    I went to Lv yesterday to have a look around ,
    And get my mum her christmas present!
    I'm in love with the Damier ebene saleya GM!
    I got 1 thing cause i'm trying to wait and see what there is at Leeds LV,
    Anyway for anyone looking for a Mirage speedy they have atleast 4 at Birmingham UK Lv just sitting on display!
    So this is what me and my mum got!


    And this is what i got!
    I just love the Colours!
    & This is what i got my mum for her christmas present!

  2. Gorgeous purchases! You're such a sweet daughter for getting your mom an LV piece! I've been considering getting my mom an LV, too. Mothers do so much for us and I'd love to tell her thanks with a little gift :smile:.
  3. u r so sweet ! congrats for all the items !
  4. wow, great choices :tup:
  5. I'm jealous of your new LV's and the fact that you are already Christmas shopping....:nuts:!
  6. Well done. Nice choices.
  7. Great choices Kaie!!!! Can't wait to see what you eventually buy at the Leeds meet!
  8. lovely and congratulations.
  9. congrats great new goodies the meet seems so far away.....but so close too
  10. Great items - so sweet for getting LV for your mum!
    I thought the Mirage was virtually sold out (at least here in the US) so am suprised there were so many available at your shop.
  11. Mirage is pretty easy to get here my store had both colours on display on sunday too & they are available on uk
  12. Nice goodies! I like ur mums pressie!
  13. Awww:okay:The MC bracelet is so cute. I love MC the most and that is one of my favorite. Congrats to you.
  14. congrats!
  15. Thanks so much everyone!