Got some Coach Goodies.....

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  1. My friend that works at the Outlet that I shop at most, called me yesterday to tell me about their 20% coupon...So of course I went up and got the MFF Large Zoe in khaki/mahogony(12674) and a PoppySiggy wristlet in (Pink). All who said the slouch on the Large Zoe's was Great, were right, I love it..I do like my large zoe more than my medium because, it holds Alot more and the slouch is way more noticable.... I really can't see much difference between the FP and the Factory Zoe's...Other than the hardware is Silver, which I love!!! Thanks for letting me share....[​IMG]:yahoo:
  2. So happy for you!!!! :woohoo: We have the same Zoe.
  3. Thank you, I love it.....It does Not bother me that it is MFF either...:yahoo:
  4. Congrats!! :biggrin:
  5. I love it! I'm jealous, I need a brown bag LOL!
  6. Bag twins that is my FAV Zoe:yahoo:
  7. you have to love the Z's - they are GREAT - Congrats
  8. Congrats on your new love!!!
  9. Love it! Zoe is my favorite bag for sure!
  10. Thanks, ladies...I do owe it to all of you Zoe Lover's...I wasn't interested, now I have 2,lol...But the large is my total favorite...I have to say that this bag is Not heavy either with all of the hardware.....But it is Huge, thanks again for enabling me.....:P
  11. beautiful..i have to say too arge is my favorite...i have an xl black one thats got to go she is too big..large is perfect
  12. Mine too...Never thought I could Love a bag , like this...I mean the medium is nice, but the large has it all.....The large was recommended by my Sa(friend)..She figured the large would be Great for when I have to throw in stuff for the little ones, diaper,pullup, wipes,etc.....That stuff fits in my medium, but doesn't leave too much room..Any how, I know why she is your Favorite Zoe....:biggrin:
  13. congrats!!!
  14. Nice.. Zoe's are like chips.. ya just can't have one.. Congrats !!
  15. Congrats the Zoe is a addictive bag..

    I do find the the Large is a great size and the MFF Zoe and FP Zoe are the same.. Coach did a good job with this one.