Got some boots today!-Anybody have these?

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  1. I went to Coach today armed w/ my PCE card.....I actually went into the store w/ my Prada gauffre satchel and all the SA's were freaking!!! The girl that was helping me asked to try it on..then wore it around the store until I was ready to leave lol!!! I didn't mind..she was too cute!!

    Anyways I got these boots in dark brown...anyone have these yet?

    I wasn't too sure, but I've been eyeballing them for a while.....When I got home I tried them on w/ jeans...tucked in of course...the "CC" part that folds over the boot you can also pull up to give the boot an elongated look...too cool!! It's like a thick 'sock'....they look great both ways!

    I had a good time in there today...there was noone in the store but me so I chatted w/ all the SA's about different designers...they all go on the PF too lol!!! When I pulled out my Marc Jacobs ZC to pay, I thought that poor girl was going to faint! But it was so nice to have someone actually recognize my stuff!! Where I live I don't see too many other bags other than (fake) LV and Coach....Can't wait to go in next week and see the new stuff...this time of year is when Coach releases their best designs (IMO)...I told that poor girl when I come back I'd wear a Chanel....I think she wants me to adopt her!!:roflmfao:
  2. what a cute story Emmy!!! You're too funny!! How come you're not over on Prada??!!!! :p

    Anyway, I don't have those boots but I swore someone else just got them for the PCE too.

    I got the weslyn boots myself!!! :supacool: Can't wait for it to get colder here so I can rock them.
  3. I just bought those exact same boots for my daughter with PCE! They are for her 16th birthday.

    Please show some modeling pics!!! I would love to see them on somebody -- I asked for mine to come gift wrapped and hate to mess up the wrapping (although I might! :graucho: ).

    Pics - please! :tup:
  4. I have the same boots! Aren't they great? Can't wait for cooler weather to start wearing them. I found them to run a bit narrow - went up a size in order to accomodate thicker socks and tucked in jeans :yes:
  5. They are cute, but not my style.

    I bought a Coach "Jessica" boots for my winter wardrobe though... love it way better than a "UGG".
  6. ^OMG I love those boots but don't want them to come to the knee..I have too many already...Did you post a pic?!?!? I'm going to do a search....I'd love to see those modeled...I'll post a pic of mine when I get a chance...:p

  7. I'll try to post a pic but w/ my preggo swollen feet, they might be a bit snug so I'm waiting to try them on AFTER I have the baby to see if they truly fit! I had them sent to my house. I'll see if I can endure the pain for a few seconds though to take a pic. Gotta love modelings pics!! ;)
  8. I love those boots, I'd like to get them in tan because I love the legacy stripes!! I think I may be getting them with the PCE tomorrow, I'm not sure. I just don't know how they'll fit because I have really muscular calves from dancing, so I don't know if they'll be loose enough so I can tuck my jeans into them.
  9. Love them, they are super cute.
  10. Congratulations and I saw them in person and they are adorable. I love especially the tan pair with the stripe but just could imagine me getting them dirty. You will have to take pics when you get them.
  11. congrats! they looked super cute online, i can't wait to see a pic of someone modeling them!
  12. pics, pics, pics!!