Got side red so far

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  1. I was cleaning up my closet and got side tracked playing with my bags :P . Here's my Red LV I have so far. Ignore Gus, I don't know why he always want to be infront of the camera.

    I thought I should share with you guys..I am not finish cleaning up yet..:rolleyes:



  2. HOTTTTT!!!:drool: more pics??:graucho:
  3. I love the RED!!! Those are all beautiful bags and shawl.....Gus is cute too! He likes posing with your bags too!!! ;)
  4. LOL..Gus wasn't that happy in the pic because I tried to push him down..
    They are HOT!!!!
  6. love the red! I used to own a red reade pm, I miss it now :sad:

    and GUS is just too cute! cats rule :P :P
  7. muy caliente!
    lol... gus is lovely:heart:
  8. Love the red!! Hot!
  9. Sexy!!!

    LOL Gus is too he an attention whore?!!? :smile:...I know my dogs are!!
  10. Gus is so precious! :love: I absolutely love the red! Very hot!

  11. LOL...thamks ladies..yes Gus is attention whore..
  12. I love Gus' grey with all the red. Glad to see you have the lexington, hot little bag, along with all the rest... love the red epi too and of course vernis!
  13. so pretty!
  14. i love your reade... i really want one in framboise... gotta add that to my wishlist!
  15. Love them all :smile: The scarf is so pretty!