Got scammed for the first time!!!

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  1. Man I am so angry!!!!! Been on ebay for over 15 years and had my first buyer scam me! She claimed several different things and pay pal still sided with her!!!! I'm LIVID! The sellers are just so screwed!!! Thanks for the vent.

    She claimed I sold her a MEDIUM sabrina and she thought she was buying a large sabrina! The listing had the coach number and measurements!

    Her first claim was I didn't mail the shoulder strap and we measured different! She said she would exchange it for one of my lg sabrinas. She already mailed it back to me.

    After screaming with pay pal I guess I'm just out of luck!
  2. So sorry, to hear about your troubles. I'm scared to death of getting scammed. I have started tagging bags and taking them to kinkos fedex and video tapping everything, I'm afraid someone will claim I sent a fake and send me back a fake bag and I'll loose the payment. I'm having an incredibly bad eBay week myself. Buyer Saturday ($1800 bag) hasn't paid and won't respond! Tonight had a bag close ($895) and the lady just emailed me she has limits???on her paypal account and can't pay for 2 weeks!
  3. just craziness.. sorry to hear about this... ugh.. these buyers...

  4. I don't think that those video tapes are accepted by Ebay/PP as evidence. Maybe in a civil suit .
    Your Saturday buyer has 4 days to pay per Ebay rules. As soon as that 4th day is up you are free to file NPB.

    Good Luck!
  5. Oh I have a non paying bidder too!!! Yeah me!
  6. about none paying bidders.....They are given 4 days to pay, then you can choose to report, and they are given 4 more days to pay, and all this time you are unsure wether to relist in case miracle happens and they do pay all of a sudden. I hate none paying bidders, don't want to buy things retail and rude all at once :sad:
  7. It's annoying but I wouldn't consider this being scammed.
  8. How were you scammed? I understand your frustration but what happened doesn't sound like a scam.
  9. She claims it didn't have shoulder strap and then said oh wait when I provided evidence it did
    Then she said the measurement were for a different bag proved her wrong (then she just didn't like it)
    Then she wanted me to exchange it for a bag that cost twice as much
    Trust me she has been up to no good
    she is returning it even though it is as described
    pay pal said oh welll she is returning it

    Um yes because she couldn't steal the shoulder strap and then I wouldn't give her a more expensive bag.
  10. OMG, I don't think I can take anymore of these NPBs, scammers, fraud clowns, etc. It is getting sooooo out of hand. If it makes you feel any better...

    My girlfriend sold a navy blue Herrera wool/cashmere coat on evilBay, the buyer said it had faint stains that were undisclosed, my friend accepted to pay for the dry cleaning which cost almost $100 because the buyer took it to a high-end cleaner, after that the buyer said the stains didn't come out and asked for a partial refund of 50%, left my friend neutral feedback noting "dishonest seller" and 20 days later filed SNAD, won the case and sent the coat back with cigarette smell and tailored sleeves (yes, she had the sleeves on a coat tailored to fit her short, T-Rex arms). It was awful. Just hope everything goes smoothly with this girl. At this point, I think we sellers just pray that we get our items back at all. Good luck and sorry!
  11. That is something!!!! I just can't bring myself to sell any of my high end purses because I just can't take the risk!
  12. I hope that you get your bag back and that it still has the shoulder strap.

    Blame Ebay for this idiocy---------if sellers could leave honest (negative) FB warning others about these scamsters it would be so much easier to protect yourself. :boxing:

  13. You got to have b***s & big ones at that to do something like this..

    Absolutely disgusting & disgraceful...
  14. Thanks did that today :smile:
  15. Unfortunately there is a lot of this going around these days, and unfortunately the buyer almost always wins. I've almost taken it as the cost of doing business at this point.