Got Rouge H wet!!!!! ACK!!!!!!

  1. I could not bloody believe it!!!! I looked down and there was a spot about an inch long of something WET (still can't figure out what) which darkened and raised the leather on my Rouge H!!!! I almost had a heart attack on the spot!!!! I had no idea how long it had been there and I didn't have a cloth, napkin, tissue or rag handy to save my life. All I could do was rub it with my finger and pat it down and then I remembered that I was, well, wearing clothes and dabbed at it with the sleeve of my sweater.

    And then the most freaking amazing thing happened! The next time I looked, the bubble was gone and not a spot or stain in sight! It was like it had never happened!!!!! :shrugs:

    So......does this mean I don't have to be in a panic if I'm caught in the rain with my Box babies? Can I drag my Birkin to the city today if the weather looks iffy at best? Does this always happen to Box leathers and liquid?

    or............was it just a bad dream from too many hash Baclava's the night before.....:push:
  2. Oh, shopmom, I'm so glad your bag recovered! I would have panicked too! i will definitely look forward to answers on this as I have been reluctant to carry my box kelly for the same reasons you state above!
  3. Shopmom, my stomach was twisted into a knot as I read through the first part of your post!

    That's great that it went away--I think I remember HG mentioning that if you dry it ASAP the bubbles will dissipate. However, I still remember talking to Manuela, the craftsperson at BH about box in the rain. And she literally yelled, "ABSOLUTELY NOT!"

    I say bring it if it just looks cloudy, but always pack a rain coat for your baby in the may want to whip it out for practice...I remember when I actually got caught in a downpour and was trying to figure out the stupid raincoat in the midst of it all. It's pretty intuitive, but when you add the sense of panic that overcomes you...:cursing:
  4. Phew! So glad that ended well.....I almost had a heart attack reading the first bit.
  5. Wow the title of this thread scared me LOL! I'm glad she's OK, such a beautiful bag....
  6. I don't anything Box, but I think Chamonix is pretty similar. When I've gotten Chamonix wet, it bubbles up - trust me, I've freked out before! Got OJ spilled on it too! Anyway, everytime I've blotted it, the bubble evaporates and there's no water line!

    Don't worry - I think as long as it's not soaked through, you should be okay.
  7. I almost died while reading through that! But I was so thankful that it was alright after all!!
  8. phew!! that's scary!!!
    thanks shopmom for sharing this! Now i know i can really go for box!!!!!:heart:
  9. OMG - I would have freaked! Glad the blister went away and that there's no stain - good to know that a tiny bit of water, if caught quick enough, might not damage the leather.

    Now, whip youself up some hash baclava!
  10. Well, this is good to know. I guess I can scratch box off my potential leathers since I live in a place with a well deserved reputation for rain..the Northwest.
  11. Oh my, I just had the same reaction as I read, I clutch my new Birkin and imagined it happening to her...gulp...
    So relieved that it turned out positive!!

  12. I wouldn't D. It will probably rain today and you don't want to have to have the H SA's call 911 when you reach the store!!
  13. omg! I would have freaked out too. Glad it turned out ok!
  14. Shopmom -
    I WAS SO STRESSED OUT FOR YOU WHEN I READ THIS!! I'm so HAPPY that everything worked out. I haven't carried my box babies out yet b/c they are both at the SPA...hopefully another 2 more weeks?:sweatdrop:

    (I was reading it and right when you remembered the part of your clothes, that came up in my mind too? Unless you were in an indecent position carrying your box):p
  15. Whoa, I'm so glad that disaster was averted!!:sweatdrop: