Got Ramona on sale at Neimans. Keep or return?

  1. Hello ladies! Got this brown Ramona bag on sale at Neiman's last week. $1172.0 (orginal 17500). Since this is my first Choo bag, i have couple of questions. First, do you think it's a good deal? I'm still tring to decide if i should keep it or return it.
    This one seems to be a shiny brown, do they have different color versions of this? Does it come in more matte brown as well? Or am i just imagining the shiny look of the leather? :sad:
    What is the resale value of JC bags? I like a bag that can resell well in case i change my mind, but seems like eBay is overloaded with fakes of this style.
  2. mezmari - There wasn't a link to an individual bag. The Ramona came in a chocolate or a khaki calf leather that has a somewhat shiny finished. Nothing like patent, though. It also comes in a cognac patent for the Cruise 07. Since you mentioned "SALE" I'm *guessing* it was the slick calf leather. There are lots of versions of the Ramona. I think the most matte leather that is currently available is the biker leather. These were S/S 07 and some are still floating around. Hope that helps. Also, visit our new Jimmy Choo Reference Library, you will see several Ramonas there.
  3. Thank you, jburgh. Stopped by Jimmy Choo boutique and i do have slick calf leather. Why did you guess that this was the one on sale? do slick leathers go on sale more often, is this an ok price though? i did not see any others like that on sale at neither NM, Saks or Jimmy Choo store.
    I actually like this one much more than the soft calf leather, I like the little bit of shine, plus seems that soft leather will wear out more.
  4. I guessed that one because the patent is from the Cruise 07 Collection, which just came out. Cruise 07 is not in this sale.
  5. What is your decision Mezmari :confused1: Did you decide to keep your Ramona? I think it is probably Gorgeous, so maybe you should post some photos for all of us to give our :tup:

    BTW, great price for the Ramona:woohoo:
  6. I have the chocolate brown calf slick leather in the Rufina and LOVE the color. It goes with pretty much everything you wear. It's a great first purchase for a Choo and very classic. Not trendy and love the belting! :yes:
  7. This looks like the one I saw on my friend's friend yesterday. I LOVE IT!!