GoT Pond Legacy, Broke UP WITH BOYFRIEND

  1. I got my Pond Legacy Satchel just now today, but I broke up with my boyfriend this weekend so I am unable to enjoy it just yet :sad: I am a single mom of 2 (from previous marriage) and had been with him for 4 years, but he lied to me AGAIN about where he was (a topless bar) and so I broke up with him. It's not the bar part, but he expects that I won't go to bars because he's afraid men will try to pick up on me. So a t*tty bar is ok??? He said he wasn't going but then he didn't answer either of his cell phones so I knew he did go in. Then he lied and said he was taking a nap, which he later confessed was not true, but he said he didn't lie because he did take a nap in the truck in the parking lot for a little while, then changed his mind and went into the bar!!! Sorry if I have gotten OT here but I figured you girls would be able to console me.
  2. Im so sorry about what your going through, hopefully the bag well help to ease a little of the pain, it is a beautiful bag.
  3. Aww, first of all congrats on your bag, it's a gorgeous one, and secondly I am so sorry. I know how painful relationship issues can be. From an outsiders point of view you deserve way better than that. Seems like he has a patten of lying, and being at a tittie bar rather than with you,,,, umm, I will just say thats pretty low. I know it's hard to let go, but just ask yourself, if you have a daughter would you want this for her? If the answer is no, then you shouldn't allow it for you. Hugs, take care girl!
  4. So sorry to hear that. I hope you can enjoy the bag soon.
  5. I'm so sorry. No woman deserves to have a man who ogles other women. It's disrespectful to the women being ogled and to you. I know this must be very tough on you right now.
  6. Thank you ladies so much. I know he finds me very attractive so that's why I don't understand the need to be at a t*ttie bar, but besides that is the lying, which he has done several times - a habit. I never understood how other women felt when their men went to those places because it never happened to me. I know there are men who really don't find the need to go, and men who won't lie. But it hurts to know he did both, and I actually feel sorry for him because I broke up with him and now I'm having a hard time not calling him. I know he would have been FURIOUS had I gone out with the girls, told him I was at a male dance club but I was staying in the car, then not answered my phone, later told him I was taking a nap, then later admitting I lied and had gone after all, then tried to tell him I really didn't lie because I did take a nap in the car before I changed my mind and went into the strip club. Oh, and we had a very serious long discussion/agreement that neither of us would go to bars because it was just a pickup joint so why make each other feel insecure. Then he has the nerve to say a strip club isn't really a bar, that it falls into a different category somehow.
  7. Augh I'm so sorry. Sounds like it's been a tough weekend for you. He should be ashamed of himself lying to you like that! =P *HUGS* Hopefully the new bag will help a little bit.
  8. THAT BAG IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Congratulations!!! I want you to take the tags OFF that bag right now and ENJOY IT!!!!! You dont need HIM! You WILL find better! ANY guy who lies isnt worth the time of day....the best is YET to come, Jen, you'll see!!!!! And that is a HOT bag!!!!!!
  9. Sheesh. The least he could have done is be HONEST about what he did that was hurtful. When there's trust and honesty, there can be forgiveness too.

    YOU CAN DO BETTER. :smile: And your pond legacy will be true to you, until you find someone who's good enough for you.

    Be strong. You deserve someone who won't lie to you.
  10. And he's never bought me any Coach anything!!! Cinediva, he did admit the next day that he had gone, do you think I should forgive him for coming clean and being honest later?? Better late than never? But he has been somewhere on a few other occasions and not answered his phone and made me worry all night. Is this normal???
  11. So sorry to hear about your weekend and break up. I know from experience though, not to butt in but it is a lot easier now to end the relationship then later!! If he has a problem with lying I wouldn't put up with it. To quote Dr. Phil.. the only thing worse than staying in a bad relationship for 1 year is staying in a bad relationship for 1 year and a day..... Good Luck, HOn
  12. I am so sorry to hear about that! How horrible! You did the right thing though, seriously. If he can't be honest with you, you don't need the trouble.

    How exciting that you got a new bag though, and a beauty!

    Hope you are feeling better about it all soon.
    Sending good vibes and virtual hugs your way ;)
  13. This is why I'd rather have a new bag than a new man. Sheesh!
    Here's what I told my ex-"go ahead and enjoy the titty bars, but it will cost I have a date with the shoe department at Neiman's and your AMEX card on Saturday..."
  14. I don't know. It depends on how much you dislike the girly bar. If he lied because he knew you'd be mad/hurt, and came clean later... I don't have a cut and dried answer. But I think lying for convenience is really disrespectful to you. You said he's lied before, and so it's not farfetched that he would lie again in the future.

    Personally, I don't care when my husband goes to see dancers. It's always for a bachelor party, and he always tells me, and I figure whatever silly things they want to do for their friends before the wedding... my husband and his friends generally don't mean harm. But I don't know your ex.

    Do you *want* to forgive him?
  15. sorry about the bf but congrats on the pond satchel, i bet it is gorgeous and guess what it will never break your heart!