Got Plomb Hobo SGH! Closeup pic

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  1. 101_0368.jpg
  2. Nice leather:p. I really like the hardware and color combo:tup:
  3. Beautiful combination!
  4. Love the squishy leather... you look great!! :tup:
  5. Gorgeous! Love this style and it looks fabulous in this color with Silver GH.
  6. Love the color!
  7. Love the hobo, Love the plomb, Love the silver giant hardware:tup: Hope we see some of these in the UK:yes:

    Congrats and enjoy:smile:
  8. Uuh, just saw this style with this colour and hardware combination today! First time I've seen both the colour plomb and silver GH IRL.
    It's a stunning combination! And it suits the hobo style very well.
    Congrats on a beautiful bag!:yahoo:
  9. Congrats :yahoo:
  10. congrats! love the plomb with SGH!
  11. Wonderful leather!!!
  12. That is gorgeous... totally gorgeous. :smile:
  13. love the color and the leather!
  14. Yum-didaly-licious leather!
  15. Congrats on your gorgeous bag! Do you know if they have the SGH hobo in ocean yet?