Got out of the shower today to find this...

  1. [​IMG]

    Gotta love my beagles! :love:
  2. awww that is too cute!!!! Mine is usually trying to lick my toes when I hop out of the shower LOL
  3. ^ One of mine always wants to lick the lotion off my legs. :push:
  4. How cute!
  5. OMG this is ADORABLE!!!!!! Can i take them home with me? haha
  6. omg I just want to kiss their little faces!
  7. so completly melting my heart!! awww!
  8. AWWWW!! How adorable!! twiggers, wordbox: when my Lucy was younger she'd try to lick the water off my toes too!
  9. Awww, so cute.

    My cat does that. And cats have very rough tongues.
  10. AWWWWWWWWW Sweeties!
  11. What cute, snuggly babies you have!
  12. How adorably precious! :love::heart:
  13. Thanks everyone!

    Trust me, though, they are not always this angelic. :p But I love them anyway.
  14. theyre good actors!!! get them on hollywood!!:supacool:
  15. ^ haha, they are great at getting into trouble and then looking up at with me very sad eyes saying "wasn't me, I swear!"