Got offered a RED….but...

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  1. My SA called. I had called him a month ago saying I was looking for a Red bag. Preferably a Kelly or Birkin 35. I got enough courage to call as I have never asked for anything so this was my first "request". I have only been offered a Kelly one time and that was 3 years ago. I didn't take it as it wasn't for me.

    Well, the SA called me today and said a red had come in. I was so excited he called me (he remembered!) and waited with baited breath. He said it was a red bag in Rouge Grenat? but….. it is a Garden Party 36.

    Needless to say, I feel conflicted. I've really wanted to add a Hermes Red to my collection, and by all accounts this is a great red, but should I take the GP? I have a Gris T garden party and love it as my summer bag, but not sure if I would like it for a winter-y red?

    Could be gorgeous. I could take it and then request to be added to a Birkin/Kelly list for an Etoupe or other neutral? Or some other pop of color…. Or pass and just wait more. Or just try the reseller route for a red, which is what I usually have done when I want something specific.
  2. The garden party sounds gorgeous but if you are waiting for a birkin/kelly..i would wait! Plus you already have your summer garden party. Sounds like you have a very nice SA...i would turn this down and wait for him to call again. Good luck!!
  3. Tough decision .. I love red bag and think it is a great pop neutral color add to your collection for all year round and I think RG is a great red with a bit of raspberry(?). Do you want another GP I guess that is the question... GP is not hard to get if you are in US, if you really want a Birkin then you should talk to him perhaps pay a visit to him and share your thought more specific on the style? Reseller route is another choice for you if you sense the wait is going to be endless... GL.
  4. darling i think if you are looking for b/k then a gp probable would fill the void

    i have heard that b/k are much readily offered at various locations due to the downturn of the economy/bags not selling as they used to

    if boutique isnt working for you, i went the reseller route for my first couple of b's and k's
    because the game got stressful for me after a couple years

  5. I agree! I talked with an Hermes store director yesterday and most stores are not selling that well. If you did purchase a lot $ from this SA previously. He shouldn't treat you like this. If I were you, I would tell him that I want a red Birkin/Kelly or I can buy this GP from you but it has to come with a neutral color B/K, I will check both bags out together. Otherwise, just tell him you will go with other SA and other stores and stop buying from this store. It's not threatening. It's a friendly reminder.
  6. I would pass on the garden party.
    You want a birkin or a Kelly and have expressed that.
    Rouge Grenate is a gorgeous color. Hold out for what you really want.
    Don't settle.
  7. funny that i have purchased most of my b/ks from resellers to the point that i do walk into h and ask myself why should i shop at their boutique?

    yet now i am eyeing exotics lol
  8. I'm desperate for a K25 in Grenate. The waiting is killing me It is a gorgeous Red imo! But like the others have said if u want a B/K then definitely skip this GP! Esp since u already have a GP.

    However I would just go to see the Grenate IRL though. At least u will find out if u really like this Red if he offers u a B/K in this color. And it would be easier for u to ask him abt a B/K.
  9. I would hold out and wait for a red colour B or K instead. Maybe you even may get it sooner than you think by turning this GP down.

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  10. Ohh. Great idea!!
  11. Great point! Thanks @mygoodies!!
  12. Ditto @madisonmamaw. Shopping twins! Minus the exotics. Luckily no interest in that for me - though maybe someday in a CDC. I hope you find the perfect exotic!!!

  13. +1 ...
    The $ saved could be put toward a B/K
    Unless that does not matter to you
    I have several of the same style bags in different sizes & colors, each serving a different purpose
    I find myself attracted to a certain look of a bag
  14. Pass on gp. Wait for b or k in that color if that's what you are wanting

  15. What are your thoughts about purchasing a well maintained preloved bag from a reputable reseller versus a new bag? A consideration about waiting to buy from the boutique is certain leathers/colors may not be available at this time or no longer.