Got offered a not so perfect Birkin..

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  1. My SA called me yesterday to come in today to pick up my new Birkin. He has three colors for me to pick..

    Got to the Hermes store today, he led me to the changing room with three orange boxes. The first two boxes were not sealed...

    First box

    He opened the first box, it was ultraviolet..I was very dissapointed, the bag looks a little seems like someone leaned on the bag and left a dent on the side of the I kindly said I don't like the color..(but in fact I do)

    Second box

    He opened second box..this time it was some kind of orange/red. I did not ask for the that moment I was just so shock at the condition of the really looks like a used bag. I simply said I don't like the color (far from the truth...i just hate the idea of spending so much money on a Birkin that looks used)

    Finally third box..

    I don't care what color it is, all I know is I will take it because this box was sealed. He opened it..and Taaa Daa it was Rubis with GHW! And all four legs look nothing. I said this is the one. (will do a reveal on another thread)

    I was very lucky that I have the option to pick the colors..just wondering have this ever happened to anyone else...were you offered a not so perfect Birkin..or worse did you end up taking it?
  2. Congratulations Rubis is a lovely color.
  3. I just saw Rubis for the first time IRL, and I really love it. Congrats!
  4. I wonder what the story was with the opened Birkins in the first two boxes. I suspect they were Birkins which were ordered and passed on by the client(s). Not sure though. When you say dent, what do you mean? Like slouching, like an older Hermes bag which has been worn, or like a crease in the leather itself?
  5. A sloppy UV....a used looking Cappucine????? OMG...what kind of presentaton was that? Sorry to hear this. I don't think I could have bit my tongue seeing that. Thank Goodness for the sealed box with your new Rubis GHW!!! What a winning combo! Congrats!!!
  6. Rubis with ghw is tdf!! You are very lucky :smile: can't wait to see the beauty.

  7. Very strange indeed. Maybe they were the floor model Birkins, which have been tried by others.

    In any case, congratulations on your Rubis Birkin. Such a lovely colour!
  8. Congrats
  9. They both were slouching...the first birkin slouching on the side, but the second birkin was slouching so much that the four legs could not stand straight.

    I find it sad someone will pay so much for such a bad condition bag...Birkin or no Birkin:tdown:
  10. but if I want more Birkins..I need to be nice to my SA and hold my opinions..:graucho:
  11. Yes, I understand darling. Even if I didn't say anything verbally, my face would have said it all, unfortunately. You're smart to take the fresh bag...and I'm so happy for you!

    Let's see some pics of your new B!!!!
  12. why didn't you tell your SA the real reason you were rejecting the bag? he should know that the bags were obviously not right and that is why you are not taking it (and probably why others did not take it). how can those bags pass inspection? it may help you in future as he won't offer you "defective" bags. as it is, you basically eliminated yourself from getting ultraviolet (although he may have a short memory; my SAs remember what i like and dislike).
  13. maybe they were clemence and just naturally slouching.
  14. I agree. I don't see at all why it wouldn't have been OK to politely point out the real issues with the other bags, rather than to invent an incorrect reason for refusing them.
  15. My thought as well. Were they all the same leather? If not, there is your answer most likely. It is not like you get to test drive these things for a few days.

    There is usually a tactful way to approach things, not that I always take the time. There is nothing like an injection of humor to try to get to the bottom of things such as wow, looks like that one had a few too many last night.

    Glad it all worked out and nice you had several choices. I'm sure I speak for many when I say we all should be so lucky to have the choice at all.
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