Got offered a birkin but need help ASAP!!

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  1. Omg!! This has been a long time coming. My SA finally called to offer me a birkin today after my husband bought a watch on Friday. It is orange with GHW which is the top of my list BUT it is 30cm! I want a 35cm. I am 5'3 and a half. I am gonna take a look but what do you guys think?? This is not gonna be my last birkin, at least that's what I hope :biggrin:
  2. At least take a look. You like the orange with GHW but the only thing "off" is the size, right? Try the 30cm and see how you feel about it. Maybe the difference won't be as substantial as you may think.
    Good luck!
  3. Go see it and then I imagine you will take it. It is everything except size that you want and you said it's been a long time coming. If the one you truly want comes in, you can sell it as it will always be sought after, although I think you will come to love it anyway. If you don't get offered another larger bag, you will have major regrets.
  4. orange with ghw in a 30cm is divine and a perfect size!!! and if it is not your one and only then why not?? try it on and see if you like the proportions! i think it is handy to have the option of a 30 and 35..:smile::smile: good luck and let us know what you decide!
  5. Don't assume that a 30 won't work, go and try it on as you may be surprised. I am your height and I prefer my 30's over my 35. Good luck and let us know what you decide. Orange with GHW sounds beautiful.
  6. How exciting! I agree with the above posts. You will get a much better idea once you try it on. I actually sometimes prefer smaller Birkins, especially for bright colours. As you said, this won't be your last B. If you do end up liking this one in size 30, you could always get another colour or neutral in 35. Good luck and keep us updated :smile:
  7. Please run and get her :woohoo:
  8. Definitely go and see what you think. Once you see it and try it you'll know right away whether this is meant to be yours. Orange with GHW is quite gorgeous and such a classic!
    I'm your height and have my neutrals in 35 while my brighter colors are in 30s. Let us know what you decide!
  9. Orange GHW is so hard to come by. I'd take it at 30 or 35.
  10. i thought i wanted a 35cm as my first birkin but after having birkins in both sizes i actually prefer the 30cm. i'm 5'1" without heels and i feel that it's perfect for me. but if you don't feel right making the purchase then don't do it. you shouldn't be pressured into buying anything.
  11. I would take the 30. (We will be almost twins - mine is a 30 with phw.) You can always get a 35 in another color later, and there isn't that much difference between a 30 and a 35. I am 5'2" when I stand up straight.
  12. take it 30cm is beautiful fits a lot and its very composed and versatile !!!
  13. I went and got it!!! It's beautiful in Togo leather. Will post pics and do a reveal when I get home :smile: thank you so much everyone for enabling :smile: :smile:
  14. Yeah. Can't wait to see your new bag...;)
  15. Yeah!!! So happy you got it. It's a perfect combo!