got off white ledbury today

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  1. I got my off white ledbury today and it was authentic but I didn't like the condition. The seller was nice and understanding althoguh he thought I should have realised it was an used bag and realised it had some faults

    The thing that I didn't like was that the bag was a little dirty inside, it had some red stains on the handles, almost not noticible but anyway red. It had a small biro penmark on the front, same there almost not noticable but anyway, and it showed some scuffs of wearing at the corners. It also overall felt dirty, like the leather had losts its shine, and was a little greyish. It reminded me on how celings looks when it lives a smoker in the house.

    Maby I am too fuzzy about my bags beeing in good condition and perhaps this is a good used condition but I sent it back. I know I just would have ended up selling her on ebay.

    Am I too fuzzy, would you have said this is good condition?
  2. Salikons, I think that condition of a bag is a very subjective thing. If it's not good enough for you, then it's just not good enough. I think you did the right thing!!:biggrin:
  3. I agree with Mombug, just because a bag is used it doesn't automatically mean it has faults. I've sold quite a few used bags and could easily as have passed them off as new as they were in perfect condition. I guess it is a lesson for us to ask specific questions regarding quality. If you don't like bags to show signs of wear then I would return it (if the seller will allow). I don't tend to like other people signs's of wear either and have only bought 3 used bags and each was absolutely perfect.
  4. I also has bought used bags before and they were in much better condition. But then again it has been bags from TPFR.s or mulberrymad.

    Maby Tpfrs take more good care of their bags, so their used condition is better than general :biggrin:
  5. salikons, sorry to hear the ledbury didn't turn out to be a keeper! Hopefully you'll find a good one soon!
  6. I might just skip finding a brighter bag, and wait until next summer. I will use my Oak bays, and e-w instead.With me beeing nausty and cheeting on mulberry with another brand, I am a little bit broke at the moment.
  7. How about something in a pale pink? Or are you not a pink person?

    Im not a pink person .. yet I have a pink Mulberry ... go figure :rolleyes: :P
  8. It doesnt sound nice salikons, I think you did the right thing sending it back!
  9. What a fantastic description Salikons! I think you did the right thing, there's used and there's USED!
    I could sell any of my bags tomorrow and the buyer would be happy with the condition, i treat them all with care and respect - shame that not everyone does :P
  10. I would never sell a bag that I wouldn't be happy to receive myself . As for dirty interiors ... no thanks ! Send them back girls asap.
  11. I think I just have to learn the lesson
    From now one only buy new bags or by reliable sellers or TPFR members. No more Mulberry e-bay findings for me!

    Next time I am talking about getting a ebay bag, please stop me!
  12. Seller should have stated the exact condition of the bag. You did the right thing sending it back.