Got off the phone w/JAX...lot of info on Old Legacy...and Sabrina!

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  1. hmmmmm.... maybe I should order 2, LOL!

  2. I was told the cranberry was being cut for the regular line and that the berry looks similar to the Heritage line. But gosh darn, on my monitor, the magenta is looking purply like that too! I know I've said this before, but Coach drives me NUTS with their color references and incorrect swatches!!! :cursing:
  3. Actually, I'm wondering if this isn't the actual color (also from the same ebay listing)...this looks more like "magenta" to me, at least comparing it to my Bleecker duffle...

    Please tell me I don't NEED another pink of purple bag!!! Must resist..... :sweatdrop:

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  4. I just got back from the boutique. I ordered the medium in black. I wanted to order the stell but it wasn't coming up but putty was and when she showed me a color swatch of steel it did look like putty so I don't know if they are the same or not. Anyway when she tried to order me the putty it wouldn't go through and she called JAX and said it wasn't open due to the hurricane so she gave me my card back so I could come back tomorrow which was very nice. Holy run-on sentence, lol!
  5. I would llike the steel also! but I really would rather have a more darker grey color llike the braided Zoe so I dont know! THey told me yesterday also the steal would be avail at the end of the week!

  6. Oh wow, I hope that area doesn't get hammered too bad by the hurricane! I used to visit St. Augustine a lot!!

  7. The swatch I saw really looked like the patent putty from last year, it isn't patent although it is coming in patent putty but she said she saw it and it had a sheen to it. Sorry if that's confusing, lol!
  8. Oh and the green patent is awesome!
  9. That's the cranberry color from the pilots.

  10. I kinda need a dark brown leather bag but I think I am going to order the berry.
  11. Thanks for the info! I'll probably just get the black. Congrats on your new bag, can't wait to see pics! :yes:
  12. I was looking for a dark brown leather bag too so I ordered the small in espresso. But, since I also like the cranberry pilot color, I ordered the mini wallet in that color. For those interested in the wallet, #41972 is available in espresso and black and backordered on the berry color and there is a cherry coming out later (along with what looks like a few other colors). Since I had no idea what the berry or cherry colors actually look like and neither did the SA, I asked for #41972P, which is still available in the cranberry color (at least I know what that color looks like, thanks to mary G's posts). I was able to order both with the PCE, as well as the new Legacy perfume (which is a long lasting scent that I find more refreshing and like much better than the first one).
  13. Thanks for the wallet info - I was looking for that! I've bought a few clutches lately and I find I need a smaller wallet to use when I carry those bags and I liked this wallet a lot in the pics I saw.
  14. I love the Sabrina wallets! I saw the new signature pilot versions of the longer wallet and wristlet and they're just beautiful. And I usually don't get too excited about the accessories (usually I'd rather have a bag instead)!
  15. I'm really hoping that the steel color ends up actually being a darkish gray. I really want a darkish gray bag for the Fall!