Got off the phone w/JAX...lot of info on Old Legacy...and Sabrina!

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  1. Thanks - I just called and they are available to order on 8/24 - the last day of PCE so we could get them on PCE! The Lg. is available in Berry, Black and Espresso!
  2. I was wanting the Sabrina in cherry. I thought about ordering the same bag in one of the available colors (espresso or steel?) to get the PCE and then exchanging when cherry becomes available.:graucho:
  3. The large (12949) is $498? Is there a huge size difference between the small/medium and large? I just assumed small/medium would be the size for me. I wonder if it will be available in cherry. If not, then I just made my size decision. I WANT CHERRY!
  4. Do we know style numbers for the Sabrina wallets and/if they are available now to order? Thanks so much

  5. I just asked the SA. I thought it was darker than that, but you know how these things look on the binder sheets...they are sometimes not realisitic. I guess it should be lighter, and maybe the SA actually was thinking about petrol...I don't know!
  6. I'm debating between the black & steel. I love the espresso, but don't need another brown bag. If the steel is a dark grey, I'd love it, but if it's light.... not so much.
  7. is that sabrina for $358 leather or sig? b/c i would definatly buy one with pce for that price if its leather.
  8. I'm assuming it's leather because of the color descriptions. Also I'm pretty sure that's the same style # as leather pilot bags I was just looking at on here.

    Could be... nice find! :tup:
  9. Found a magenta Sabrina wallet on ebay for color reference:

  10. Omg!!! I am so excited. I just spoke to two different sa and they said yes!!!! I was about to give up since no one wanted to order it for me. I am so happy.

    It's peanut butter yelly time!!!!!
  11. ohhhhhhhhhhhh a cherry sabrina!!!! :drool:
  12. Any info on Sabrina wallets? What sizes/colors and can we order them yet:shrugs:
  13. Seriously!

    I just used my PCE and I would have totally ordered a Sabrina (LArge)

    What color is the berry?
  14. I think the Berry is the Cranberry that was out in the pilot bags, but I'm not 100% sure and the person I spoke w/ at JAX wasn't either.